Hypnotherapy Scripts

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Hypnotherapy Inductions and Scripts


Inductions are various techniques to invite you to relax and go into a trance state. Hypnotherapists can use soft music, hypnotic eye fixations (like the traditional “Mesmer’s Wheel), simple movement, or verbal suggestions, such as walking over a bridge, traveling a forest path, floating on a calm sea. These suggestions relax your conscious mind and prepare your unconscious mind for an imaginary and healing journey.


Scripts are the main part of the hypnotherapy session where the work is done. When you are relaxed and in a trance state, we follow a variety of scripts to do specific work, like having you talk to your Inner Guide, Higher Self, Inner Child, Shadow Self, Inner Critique, etc. In this manner, the different “parts” of your mind can directly communicate, bringing healing, resolution, and closure to your presenting issues.

Scripts can take you to magical inner terrains – the Inner House, Castle, Temple, Workshop, Library, Laboratory – whatever you construct to create desired changes for yourself. It is where you re-program your mind, using your own mind as a healing tool to create the life you truly want.

Scripts are a powerful resource to create change, healing, empowerment, whatever you need to lead a healthy, joyous and productive life free of the “baggage” that obstructs your journey to your true self.

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