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Some comments from my customers

From Gary J.

"The other day I had a session with Susa Black and she did a past life regression with me.

Now a few things. One: I have a hard time with meditation, and guided imagery work. It is hard for me to focus and let myself see what is being described. Too often I fight it and dismiss it.

Now I found Susa's manner, demeanor and voice to be calming and soothing. She was able to get me relaxed and focused. I found it was easy to start to flow with what she was saying. I soon found myself conjuring up the images that she was describing. She was careful to direct but not to control and she choose the words well to allow my own mind to create a response to her instructions.

Although I don't necessarily believe in past lives she explained in a convincing manner how I can still make use of the experience to use metaphorically as a guidance for some of my issues that I was having difficulty with.

I found her to be skilled and caring. I would highly recommend her."

From Sarah T.

"What an amazing experience! I have never felt so deeply relaxed as after my hypnosis session with Susa.

From the point when we first settled in, Susa made me feel comfortable and she had a lovely way of making it very easy to talk about the issue that I was struggling with.

From there, we went into hypnosis which was a wonderful experience and all done at the pace that worked for me.

I was amazed by how effective it was!

The next day, I was able to notice some very real changes and I was able to maintain resiliency with some healthier approaches to stress during the following week when some unexpected and truly difficult challenges emerged. Thank you Susa!"

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