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Hypnotherapy is a technique using altered states of awareness for transformation, personal empowerment, and healing.
There are many streams of consciousness that feed into the river of hypnotherapy - from the shamanism of ancient times, to the modern applications developed by psychiatrist Milton Erickson.
There are endless modalities that can be evoked in sessions to support the client's needs. Hypnotherapists can work with;

  • higher self, inner guide resourcing
  • self empowerment
  • inner healer
  • achieving goals
  • creativity and manifestation
  • eliminating psychological blocks and obstacles
  • addictions (smoking, substance abuse)
  • weight loss and eating disorders
  • pain management
  • fears and phobias
  • "inner child", re-parenting
  • spirit releasement
  • past life regression
  • teaching self hypnosis
  • and any unique issues the client brings to the session!

Hypnotherapists are not psychologists, psychiatrists or doctors. This is a special technique dealing directly with the inner mind, assisting the client to become his or her own healing resource. The process can move as quickly as one session, and usually no longer than four for a presenting issue. What is required of the hypnotherapist is training, skill, and experience. What is required from the client is a will to change.

You can download my brochure on hypnotherapy here.

About Hypnosis Clearing House (HCH)

HCH is one of the first schools of hypnotherapy in the US, and has evolved its training program to include many psyco-spiritual modalities including Reiki, Paranormal Studies and Shamanism. I received my certificate in hypnotherapy from the HCH in Lafayette, California, in September, 2012, and will finish my internship in their low fee clinic in September, 2013. I am also certified by HCH in Reiki and Paranormal Studies, and have taken many of their advanced Hypnotherapy classes such as Eriksonian Technique, Past Life Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement.

Please visit their website for more information: http://www.hypnotherapytraining.com/index.htm

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